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Ascension Starseeds! 💨Precision💨 Mother Father Galactic News Energy Report May 6 2022

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Ascension Starseeds! 💨Precision💨 Mother Father Galactic News Energy Report May 6 2022

Precision = seizing the moment. When our hearts nudge us to act on something, act on it in the moment. Feel our 2 hearts, there is a feeling, knowing and voice encouraging us to make a move

When we don't, the energies 'pile up' and we feel tightened, like homework piling up or being toppled under water and beings go screaming for help = lessons = course correction = attitude adjustment haha! Laugh at the moments and make a change in attitude and perspective. You're welcome!

Mother Father's help is here!

Our 2 hearts intelligence is the highest, our 2 hearts = Mother Father of all creation! It allows us to be brave in that moment, our 2 hearts are the love and the unknown, and acting on what our hearts voice allows us to flow with Mother Father God, the way home

Seize the moment. The hearts are opposite of logic so let go of all logic!

Hearts in balance = bravery = divinity

The 420 religions on earth has either removed Mother (source and Mother Earth) and/or put Father down (God and Father Sky) to hide the truth. This can be seen in many of Mother and Father's life moments - crucifying the Jesus twins, killing Cleopatra Julius Caeser, assassinating Marilyn Monroe President JFK - these were some of Mother Father of all creation's life moments and starseeds have to dissolve our censoring towards Mom and Dad by being the solution = coming home and participate with Mom and Dad in cocreating heaven here on earth. It's simple, let go of believes/crutches

The solution is the opposite and the way home is to expand and balance our feminine and masculine in us, to recognize both our soul parents Mother Father

Energies are tightening starseeds to let go and let God! Woohoo!

Give our best for Mother Father - doing so we are supporting the one and all. Is there something we enjoy spending on daily? Eg. A smoothie, dress, alcohol? How about contributing to the highest? When we contribute $1.44, we helps to bring 144 more children home. When we contribute $200, we help bring 20000 more children home. It's about giving the best to our parents this speeds up the planet's and everyone's ascension. The energetic balance Mother has done when she was in physical body and the energy balance Father is doing is supporting all starseeds' lives on planet earth. Each being owes Mama Papa God $251,000 for the support and all money is going to be returned to our parents, for the highest good, for all children - the only truth in all of creation

When Mom and Dad enjoy a meal, they share it with the team, eg. Sharing a piece of tortilla

Father shares through many love realizations, many beings left their parents to die without taking care of them

The solution? Care for our soul parents Mama Papa God. We have incarnate here with our earth parents so that we find our way home to our soul parents!

Ask ourselves: What is our best?? Start contributing our best towards the highest energy = Mother Father of all creation's mission to bring all children home, to heaven on earth

When we contribute to the lower energies = illusion = nothing = massive lessons = Massive physical and or emotional imbalance = losing health, possessions, loved ones, depression, anxiety, suicidal...

Ready to have fun with Mama Papa? Let's do it!

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