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Christ Communities Clean Up

Starting August 17 2022 to September 30 2022, Mother Father of all creation encourages all to participate in cleaning up Christ communities

Where ever we are globally, please do it! Now is the moment. 44 days daily. Imagine each divine being participating in cleaning up Mother Earth

This window of opportunity to clean Mother Earth up is crucial. Please commit 44 days daily from August 17 to September 30 to it

With every clean up, pick up of trash, intend the highest outcome for one more child. Our intention is so powerful!

Visit any place on the globe, pick up and put away thrash into bins

We can do this individually, don't wait don't procrastinate. Now is the moment

Feel inspired to recycle? Father of all creation found stunning glitter papers on the streets and decorated God's house with them. We are so grateful! Dad also collected used bottles and returned them for money! Grateful Mom

Best of Mother Father of all creation our true parents is here inspiring all to participate! Let's strive to be the change

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