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The most amazing love

The love all of humanity has been searching for

Is it a one night stand?

Or forever love?

This love is so pure powerful and balanced

It knows it heals it inspires it cares

In all ways everyday

This love loves so much it calls

You out if you're out of alignment

If you are offended

Lool at yourselves in the mirror

It breaks all systems

Breaks all religion = antichrist, for Mother and Father have come DOWN as many non religious life figures to bring you UP and OUT of the religion box

Religions taught people that women and pork are dirty haha we say that's blasphemy keeping you in fear

Breaks all victimhood = antichrist. For the highest energy walk with the highest

Breaks all thoughts you have for our creators to be a certain way haha! Get it?

Strive for the highest

For the highest love attracts highest love

Only real love responds, sees, protects the real = Mother Father of ALL creation!

All who imitate or slander truth will become like Biden, call themselves out, become a comedy for all, exit

Ever since Mother and Father of all creation are reunited in one vessel, in Father, he has been taking on pain suffering and fear of the planet for you all, so you have a better chance in succeeding your journey in communion with the highest = Mother Father of all

All other creation from other planets go through Mother and Father of all too haha! Very busy

When he rests, he goes through every child's experience for the day ! Always working, always surrendered to all experiences, the full experience

Mother Father have the final say

Many are truly starting to realize they have gone astray and being lied to

MOTHER FATHER don't have to stay on earth, there are many beautiful planets to be

Earth is the toughest school

Please reach out to the highest for guidance to your soul path

Mother Father know your path, for they have created all souls



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