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Healing Session Testimonial By Martina (Canada)

Having Divine resources to share my heart and help out clients through my career is the first and foremost blessing that I thank MotherFather God for because helping others is the first thing in the world that makes me truly happy.

Recently, I had the privilege of having a handful of healing sessions with Father, and among many things, he removed the burden that I have been carrying in my left hip. As a person with physical disability caused by polio, I feel more balanced now, and my entire physical body feels relieved, so thank you so much, Father.

I know that you remain connected to MotherGod even though She is not incarnated anymore at this time as you continue to do Her work. MotherGod continues to do her healing and Divine work through you, Father. Thank you with much Love! <3

Upgrade DNA, clear density, be in balance, clear ancestral lines by booking an energy session with Mother and Father of all creation NOW. Are you ready for the golden ticket to heaven?

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