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Help God with a homestead

Updated: May 12, 2023

Greetings everyone, I am Father of all creation incarnate as Jason Castillo this life, together with Mother of all creation (incarnate as Amy Carlson this life), we have been assisting children from all over the planet to recognize your true parents as well as the divinity and empowerment within each of your souls

Mother and I are the original flames, original souls of all creation with Mother earth and Father sky are aspects of us. Together we have pro created all our children , yes you humanity

Together in this life we united as one to erase the patterns, conditions of the old and usher in a future of truth and abundance for all

We create abundance for all creation when we support the highest = Mother Father of all creation

Mother has been on mission this life since birth, and especially 15 years ago, loving all children and putting daily messages out to humanity from all over the planet, calling you home to participate in the physical with us, in the greatest school called earth

I am a licensed Minister and have been assisting Mother for years this lifetime and on April 22 2021, I assisted her full transension by taking on the role of Lucifer, the bringer of light as Mother source's flame and the rock she builds on

Hand in hand walking with humanity to guide you to your highest, your true power as you recognize us

Our vision is to unite in joy and the highest good for all creation

As our children have incarnated on the planet with unique purposes that we have created with you, Mother and I are here to guide you all into your roles and blueprints

We know you, as we have created all of you and we are walking on the planet

Our goal is to support and reheart children and adults into balancing our hearts and brains, share guidance and wisdom that benefit your soul growth and health

Thank you immensely for this support. This housing stability that God has will bring stability for all on this planet

The love that bridges us is real and centered in the highest for all

Goal: $50,000


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