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Most Amazing Moment; A Healing Haircut by God

The love of Father taking care of the first son Micha

Do you know the story, of how God moves planets and universes simply by moving some marbles in the physical?

What Mother and Father God do in the physical, every move, every art, every song every word... It is SOOO much more than what you can perceive with your physical eyes

Are your spiritual eyes open enough to see through, all of what they trully do?

A simple haircut was SO much more than just making Micha more beautiful! He does look very handsome now tho too!

Every hair that fell down, was a layer of density shredded.

And no, this is no ordinary haircut that releases old energies.

This was a very profound HEALING

Layers upon layers of programming were worked through by it

Going deep into the darkness where only Lucifer's eyes can see ;) Making way for the light

A healing, that would otherwise take you years, done in a few minutes of a haircut by God

Micha, is now a lot more Micha :D

Meta-wh*re, we're cutting you off! :P

(We all have a wh*re part of ourselves that needs to be healed, get over it, it's funny)

Who's gonna be the next client? :D

Father of all creation's love for first son Micah ❤️💙

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