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Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Welcome home to MOTHER❤FATHER HUNABKU LOVE GOD AS 1, joyrains, divine galactic children!

This is a PRICELESS art piece from heaven, hand drawn by Father of all creation, for Mother of all creation and all children. Father used 1 Godly year (24 earth hours) to create this art of love! The greatest love and healing energies are put in this creation💝🎉💪

The energy of it is amazing. We watch Father kick his ass to create it, during some of the highest intensity energy days, it took our words away seeing it half finished, now being done, it's inspiring

Material: canvas

Size: 41-42 inch by 3 feet

Donation: US$333.33

The donation can be made to PayPal:

Or Western Union. Please email us for details at:

The first donor will receive this priceless creation from God! We will roll the canvas, place it in a tube securely and ship it to you, where you are located. Please update us with your shipping address and any note with your donation. Once sold, we will update this page, titled 'sold'

Act quickly!

Enjoy the grand love blessings from Mama Papa!💝🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️💝

The donation amount goes to supporting Mother Father Son trinity's mission on planet earth = planetary ascension

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