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Click on the video link to view: While communing with Father of all creation last night (15 February 2022), I saw Mother of all creation's face on Father of all creation's face, in his face, within his face. Mother Father of all creation is one, sharing as one, being one. Wow. Communing, basking, sharing, experiencing one, all of creation. WOW. They have always been one. To experience, witness and see this in front of me in action! Mother and Father of all creation are our divine parents, who pro created humanity and all of creation! When we see separation in Mother Father, look into and at ourselves and ask the question, where does this come from? Why are we asking for two Christmases? Keep asking these questions, ask Mother and Father, our ancestors, families to help us see the truth. COMMAND TO SEE THE TRUTH! Mother Father of all creation have always been supporting humanity, so why not support our parents in the physical? We are in the United States! God is in the physical here! How do we become our greatest examples without witnessing the greatest love examples right in front of our eyes? This is the truth, it is real. They are here to personally guide us into our highest consciousness. We are all here for the ascension.

Come home and witness the greatest love story in all of creation! Humanity has prayed for Mother and Father of all creation to be here in the physical. Come home and participate is all Mother Father wishes!

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