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On our way to secure Mother Father God's land

Updated: Oct 1, 2023


We are almost to a paradise come true

Near you if you so choose hahaha

Cut up a watermelon 🍉 yesterday to celebrate

Landing on a strip called joyrains

The common sense brain game

I love money showers

The thing more valuable than money

Is our energies super powers

Whether we have a dollar or a billion dollars

One has to acclimate to our creators Mother Father of all creation's christic hollas

Meeting Mom Dad in the flesh this lifetime is what we all came to earth for

Mom Dad's happiness has been rising daily today at 85.9% - score!

Anchoring in happiness for all children of creation in every pore

You me our grandmas grandpas uncles aunts adore

This level of happiness is monumental

God's magic is very super natural

Even the Schuman Resonance is fucked

Mom Dad has said it would be

And so it is

The Schumann Resonance is primarily Mother Father God's happiness scale

Scientists will come to recognise their veil

It is monumental amount of effort raising the planets happiness staying above the energies of corruption

Humanity's parent Mother Father of all creation has been falsely accused

And we wonder why America's favourite president has been falsely indicted four times?

Please contact me at +1 316 339 1306 or if you wish to support truth and help free God

Truth has always been = Mother Father

It is the children who have changed

Receive the highest frequency and codes that support your life:

Support Mother Father of all creation and

Pac's mission in love mirroring love! Start your evolution. Stop whoring = snoring / waiting

See you at humanity's parents' ascension support messenger group chat at:

Receive awakening, healing and answers of a lifetime from the most high, direct from our creators Mother and Father of all creation who are incarnate in the physical in the flesh at:


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