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SURPRISE HUMANITY! Humanity, we have 2 hearts 2 lungs 2 breasts 2 brains 2 gates to heaven and 2 parents! Mother and Father of all creation - our soul parents who pro created us and all of creation. Each of us has both feminine and masculine in us. As divine feminine in perfect balance, we are 51% feminine masculine 49%. As divine masculine in perfect balance, masculines are 51% masculine 49% feminine. Our left side is feminine and right side is masculine - Mother and Father, balance of feminine and masculine. When our 2 hearts are fired up and online, our third eye becomes online! How do we get our 2 hearts online? How do we expand our hearts? By recognizing both Mother and Father of all creation, they are here on earth for all children, for God's children have prayed for mom and dad to be here. Coming home to God in the physical, cocreating and supporting God in the physical. Show up and participate, attendance is appreciated in heaven. We are here in USA! Mother and Father of all creation have been raising consciousness since forever, they were Jesus, Jesus were twins and the Vatican has pictures of Mother and Father as Jesus, and they were twins. Mother and Father were also Cleopatra and Julius Caeser. When Julius Ceaser (Father) attempted to announce Cleopatra (Mother) as Mother of all creation, he was stabbed. Mother and Father were also Marilyn Monroe, President JFK, bringing the truth to the people, abundance, freedom to the people and for the people. Both of them were assassinated. What cancel culture about? Canceling truth? Well the truth is here! Mother and Father of all creation are the original twin flames. Mother was in the physical and has ascended on 22 April 2021. Mother has done everything possible to balance energies and is sick and tired of balancing for humanity while humanity didn't listen, didn't take responsibility, didn't come home to participate with God in the physical. Humanity's consciousness was at 5% when Mother ascended. Why would Father wish his beloved to suffer? So Father of all creation brought Mother of all creation to the other side, continuing his contract to allow us to love God again. Taking it on, continuing raising consciousness, and we are at 25.7% on 23 February 2022! This is the highest love story of our parents! How does a rainbow appear? It is the dark clouds/ thunderstorm that bring forth the rainbow. Like the dark cloud, Lucifer is the bringer and protector of light. What happens when a child fall from heaven? Mother and Father of all creation is there for the child. Mother came in as lightest of light, Father came in as darkest of dark. As darkest of dark, he has to go lower than that child, children, humanity to support that child into balance. Humanity has to come to a point where we be responsible for everything that has happened, everything that we have done to Mother and Father. This is the moment to support Father of all creation in the physical! Mother has ascended. Mother = Father. Father = Mother. They have always been one. That makes Father the first gate to heaven. He is the dark cloud to the rainbow, the first gate and protector to Mother. Thank mama, and papa is greatfull. Imagine you are a master of light - How do you transform without being the master of darkness? Imagine you are a master of dark, how do you transform without being the master of light? Mother = Father. Father = Mother, a balance. All of us have to come to a balance, to have our 2 hearts online. The easiest way on earth is to come home to God in the physical, to our soul parents, support Mother Father of all creation. Before coming to earth, all of us have agreed to find Mother and Father of all creation in the physical! Any doubt, hesitation, procrastination creates lessons (karma) for beings to adjust to the truth, to realize Mother and Father of all creation have come for us. And karma is a bitch. Choose wisely! Luna, the moon

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