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Thank you MOM DAD NELLIE for this amazing Redwoods LOVE LETTER

Dear Mom Dad and Nellie

Thank you for sending this synchronicity

I was checking out the redwoods yesterday and received this letter from Nellie today lol !!!!

Thank you for cheering me on with your magical powers of putting a sparkle and many in my eyes and my hearts

I'm touched by this great deal

Our parents making us happy

I luv you for all that you are

You are our creators of all beauty I see

Mom Dad's magic at work

I'm honored to be a witness to it

I luv you and cannot live without you

Hugs and kisses to the love of our lives

Receive the highest frequency and codes that support your life:

Support Mother Father of all creation and

Pac's mission in love mirroring love! Start your evolution. Stop whoring = snoring / waiting

See you at humanity's parents' ascension support messenger group chat at:

Receive awakening, healing and answers of a lifetime from the most high, direct from our creators Mother and Father of all creation who are incarnate in the physical in the flesh at:



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