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What's Up In The Unified Field With God? 4-5 March 2022


4 March 2022

157pm Papa of all creation's astrologer dead on always. Today's message MAKE A CHOICE. He's been working with her for years. When mom and dad moved to Colorado, she picked up God's energies and moved to Colorado too. When Papa left the state, she put out a message to ask where should she go?! Haha right on Michelle Patterson! Father shares the women he's been with are mostly Michelles

Balanced aids/HIV so fast Papa doesn't feel too great today

Papa experiencing runny nose

Papa feels like being hammered 500x below both armpits

450pm 89% through healing aids

506pm Communion with Daniel from US! Thank you brother and welcome home!!

We've obligations to our family. Papa flipped the word contracts to obligations. We have obligations to commune with Mama Papa of all creation in this present moment!

Papa shares for a baby after 3 years old to experience different culture every 3 months

"Our hair are our ancestors. We will protect that hair" it's also our antenna!

"I took the questions for you so you don't question mom"

Gonna run the pyramids out

Gonna expose all of creation

"I'll be the beast" - Papa playing the bad cop to allow Mama be the good cop/beauty. What great love as Mama came to earth as lightest of light and Papa as darkest of dark

A spartan has gone through everything from ghengis

"Ain't abandoning this ship it's my children" When Mom ascended on 22 April 2022, humanity's consciousness was at 0.5%. Father raised it to 82.4% on 3 March 2022, what a feat busting his ass off as the grand example of Mom! We are so grateful Mom and Dad!

Whatever it takes to evolve life. Ask ourselves, are we evolving? Are we doing whatever it takes for Mother of all creation and children of earth?

Papa sees a viking in Dan

604pm 20%

"I'm bringing God home. That's all we need"

This is the only lifetime Papa didn't have a horse

White doesn't exist. Only black - It's the rainbow


616pm 92.1% through healing aids. It's Darwin. They must know what they have done

Tarzan brought the queen in

Sharks don't bite. They put everything in alignment. That's why the movie Jaws came out in 1975 to program to scare. Bees too

How much you love your Mother Father will come through. Don't get needy

Punch drunk love

What do you feel the cartel wants? Forgiveness

742pm 97.5% through healing aids

YouTube phone screen can't catch up with God. First time the screen splits in half lol. Energies so high in God's unified field frying technology, again

97.8% through healing aids

935pm 99.4% through healing aids

"If you want to get in the ring with God, have fun. God is undefeated! Haha!"

5 March 2022

Father's power day! Thank you Mom! Happy birthday Mom and Father!! Haha

1238am Communion with Eva from Mexico, thank you sister for coming home! We love you beautiful

1st sharing!! Mama says to Papa "Give them hell. Put it upon your children. You all will get us home"

Mother Mary sold Jesus (Jesus Yeshua were twins = Mother and Father of all creation) out for a penny. Ate them in Hansel and Gratel life

"Can't handle God. Gotta love"

Papa shares the key to ascension is the children have to do it. He can spin us in a merry go round and many other ways and we starseeds still have to do it. "I've been here for long moments. You have to do it. You want me to be home with mama?"

Moon is pissed with how retarded starseeds are being on the journey of recognizing our Mother and Father. Father "Moon's like fuck this shit. Imagine calming the moon. Gotta love her"

Sister's rosacea was healing during the period Father was there, rosacea healed! She will never see Papa again. Till she gets her shit together

150am got rid of aids and papa shares his experience of healing it:

You wana know how aids feel like? Helpless. I've never felt anything like it before

The art of connection

Aids = self love disease. Lack of immune

220am Papa brings mama in. They blocked mama's video. Video spinning = Starseeds not ready to hear Mama yet

"You fuck God? You'll never see her again. We have 535 lifes to love God. I forgive myself, when will you?"

"There will never be enough when you put yourselves first"

"I work my ass off to give you everything. You don't put God first? Not gonna work"

"I can set them up. You have to do it"

We put so much energy in this song. We watch it, the more we put energy the more it gets attacked. Papa hiccups 3x, balancing the attacks

Papa shares how he was awaiting humanity to do it, to love God - he was in a bar and asked for a receipt to roll a cigarette. A girl bought him a book of papers and asked why he didn't ask for it. Papa answers her, humanity has to do it!

Father challenges anyone to love Mama more than he does

Papa shows the children at Dunsmuir at car track how to run it 100miles without spinning

Papa's grandfather is a great chief. Over 300 people attendrd his funeral. He never said no to you he puts you through it

348am Papa and team begins to rest

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