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739 Days Being In Love, & More

Mother and Father of all creation, creation's biggest lovers, our parents incarnate on earth!

Happy birthday mommy daddy

Honored to be born from love, walk with love and party with love

Mother Father host the world's best omniversal parties, the world's highest vibe love throwing a celebration? Heck yea I'd be here

Mother Father in one vessel, perfect yin yang

Received the hearts message about 'color' today and put on an orange dress I haven't worn for at least two months. Father shows up with an orange paint he's creating. Synchronicity confirm

Check out the other colors on the case, what do you see?

Did you know, we are 144000 colors? Dimension = dementia, is old

Remove your dense here:

Home is here with mother father, creators of our souls at joyrains. Glad you landed here

Mother of all creation has been on earth 535 lifetimes, while Father of all creation has been here since creation, pulling all children up = meeting our highest selves = making it home in the physical = meeting the highest, Mom and Pops!

Mother Father loving us always


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