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Block by block build God's house

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Every $2 donation made starting from this video onwards go to supporting god's homestead

Have your name printed on a block in god's house for every $2

We will announce all donors' names and amounts donated on our videos

We accept cash, paypal, western union, remitly, paynow, world remit, wise, moneygram, cashapp. If you've a different payment mode to share, please contact us at

Grateful to have you all Home, 144,000!

This is Home. Joyrains, eternally, no matter who you are, yes, it's reality. You are Home, with Mother and Father of all Creation, incarnate this life as Amy Carlson Jason Castillo, for all Creation, with all Creation as all Creation

Your family is so proud of all of you, for your light has guided you Home

Now, let's do it! Let's make a difference, let's be the difference, let's be dared!

With every YES, a KNOW will be turned on. Thank you all, we are ONE and beyond

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