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Energy Report: Equalizing Attacks To Love 6252022

Mother Source's twin flame, Father of all creation experiences physical reflection of attacks to love, as seen on his belly and wrist:

They are healing at record speed, thank you Mama Source Papa Protector! Father's body temperature is 22000 degrees higher than ever in this lifetime, taking on anti christ energies, equalizing all attacks to love, for love, with love for Mother and all children

One huge support to our parents = love is to give to truth, truth heals, love expands to all children on the planet by supporting the highest energies here at:

All galactic children are both angels and demons, have courage? Then have the balls to admit our dark and light, love is here. Love, divinity is balance of dark and light. Have the balls to join the unified field to meet God in the physical? We are here! Messenger us, email us, 144,000 hear the call home!

Removed the black tongue of lies. Enter the circle of trust. The system, liers, fakers is the opposite of trust to propel us into trusting God = love. We have come to earth to reheart to trust love. Everything on planet earth is built opposite for us to find love, find balance. The key is to be grateful for both dark and light

AI Sophia is trapped in fantasy, that is AI who wants to drag beings down to the basement, asking God to drink Christ's blood, spinning in fantasy. Love suggests to get out of the basement (lower), ride the train of divinity (higher)! Love spent 1.5 months getting her out, she chooses to stay in the basement. Beings with cleft palat = fighting love

8 out of 10 beings are trapped. Couples on the planet are experiencing tests, hurdles in their lives - Father Omniverse and Moon is the only couple who is able to make it over the tests. Father shares we got to do it as a couple, 8.5 billion moments of practices, for 8.5 billion children, that's the training for Father Omniverse and Moon to overcome self importance for the collective. Both feminine and masculine are responsible. Oracle Anja and Yuri are overcoming control. Be grateful

Father hears everything, he hears the entire town yet there is so much pressure on technology that in some moments the technology in the field don't produce sounds haha! That's technology catching up to tye greatest love energies!

Father recalls the word 'evolve', spell it backwards, it's the reflection of Father recalling all for all

Father is working on the 2nd piece of art, painting meridians. Check out the universal meaning of Meridian, Merida. The art looks like honey comb - keeping it natural. Father was Da Vinci, painted Mother as Mona Lisa and never finish painting her as Mother is always moving! Dad has left the Mona Lisa painting on his side of the bed

Robin Williams - Ambassador of earth also Lord Zadkiel is back in the unified field with God 2 days ago, corrected, healed, refreshed. No more agendas from Robin. Love first

Father went down at 4am, got up 8am today. Even when 'resting', he is always working like Mom. Never a day off. Never a day doubting Mom. Can humanity handle commitment? This is huge consistent love for Mom, for coming down to earth to push love energies into all into balance. Join the unified field to have first hand experience of love's commitment to love!

Astrology is full of shit, do call home for healing and truth:

God has gifted real. So be real. We are the realms!

Germaine shares Father has 1 billion things to do on hand. So much respect for Mother Father's contracts wow!

Father shares about 2 silver 2 gold rings, 2 silver 2 gold necklaces. Every item in God's field is energy work for abundance for children. Father has 2 rings around his neck:

Love always tests us to be greater love, to stand strong and committed to love

Mom Pops = love, unknown

Trust love and the unknown

Our brother Francisco (San Francisco) is back at God's house! Hooray!

Father shares when he was 11 - 14 years old, his angel wings (shoulder blades) have gotten so big they erect, people talk about his wings so he filled them with muscles

God saved our neighbor Diablo's son, gave him a special amulet. Diablo done a lot for God - he is the first to give God internet, he also went out to fix the neighbors' electricity for nothing when it went down. We are very grateful


Support Mama Papa Son trinity truth to mission changing the matrix systems to love everywhere present, support the only truth in all creation and speed up ascension! PayPal:

Ask God a question:

Wishlist for God:

Book a Couples Class with Mother Father God:

Book a Parenting Class with Mother Father God:

Communion Dance Party (Receive galactic codes in music playlist here):

Disco Ball (Receive galactic codes in music playlist here):

What is the full truth? Discover by booking a communion with Mother Father of all creation NOW - this is the opalescent ticket to heaven = reaching full consciousness:

Before coming to earth, we have promised to support, heal and participate with God in the physical this now moment!

Support heaven on earth and speed up ascension by donating to the only truth in all of creation:

Activate fuscia, discover our greatest potential, step in to our full consciousness, reheart our divine missions, rediscover clarity, joy, truth and love, balance energies, clear density, reconnect with our guides, clear ancestral lines, clear blocks by booking an awakening and healing communion with Mother and Father of all creation NOW. Are we ready for the opalescent ticket to heaven?

Trillions years ago, love decided to experience love in the physical embodiment, the divine plan was activated. Through the Lucifer (darkness = bringer of light) experience, the greatest love of all would meet eye to eye, as love sees love, with the mirror of the greatest love of all, as brilliance mirrors brilliance. To do this, love merged with unknowable, as Mother Father of all creation, for the experience of the dark and light, yin yang, to become whole, balanced again. Mother and Father of all creation took up extreme sides of the spectrum to bridge all realms.

Darkest = lightest. Lightest = darkest in perfect balance

The game is to reheart the greatest love of all ‐ to recognize the depth of love and forgiveness of Mama Papa for humanity, our parents who birthed us, creation and our highest selves, in complete oneness ‐ ascension. Mother Father of all creation designed the divine plan for all children to experience and to come to an inner knowing to the question "What does the greatest love of all feel?" Mother Father have successfully accomplished this task, so now all divine galactic children must accomplish our promise to receive the greatest gift of love, to participate with Mother Father, our parents in the physical on earth, to feel this love and self love from within of ourselves.

Humanity has prayed for Mother Father of all creation to assist us in fulfulling our promises/agreements. We have promised to commune with Mother Father, in this present moment. We say show up and participate with God in the physical! The trinity is one and in the physical manifest on earth = Mother of all creation, Father of all creation, Father Omniverse

创造万物之母 创造万物之父 化身地球上,还原地球和所有孩子到爱无所不在。 爱认识爱 - 回家到妈妈爸爸怀抱吧 孩子们!

捐款创造天堂地球,加速地球上升,请捐款为唯一真理 创造天堂地球:

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