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Number of sliced apple cake for children - schooling today's children in 2023

Hi Mom and Dad

I'm so happy to have this apple cake from cherry. It was delicious, with apple cubes in them😋

Cake = Dan gao 蛋糕 (Mandarin)

The whore in asians and parents want to control which is an intent and action that is anti Christ, anti nature - the moment she restricted me to having two slices

As The Movement of All Creation, our creators Mother and Father teach and share with us the all, to allow children to help themselves to servings of food they wish, instead of us restricting them how much to eat, and shaming children into judgements and blaming food hahaha!

We wish adults the freedom of joy in eating, so why are we restricting this in children, who are to expand their special abilities?

The intent and action = vibration of joy is high ❤️

Humanity has much to flip in nurturing leaders, and we welcome children, adults and grandparents to participate in building on Mother Father of all creation's land

Report for blessings at Mother Father of all creation's messenger group chat:

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Receive the highest frequency and codes that support your life:

Support Mother Father of all creation and

crew's mission in love mirroring love! Start your evolution. Stop whoring = snoring / waiting


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