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The 2 greatest miracles reunite on this planet looking like this

Bumped into a picture while we were scrolling through pics, this one rehearts me of the appearance of mother father of all creation our creators except mom's face was more centred on dad's face than this pic

Shape shift

Mom appears on dad's face while he's talking, as if the 2 beings are sharing as 1 in father's physical body

The 2 greatest lovers reunite yin plus yang feminine plus masculine, sharing wisdom with humanity

Happy to share this experience and we look forward to hearing your miracles with us

Feel free to express miracles, your style - painting, singing, rapping, writing, dancing, videos, pixels on pixels, scene on scene, into more miracles ...

144000 please call home, for our ancestors have guided you here

Joyrains is the home our souls are calling us to, created by mother and father of all creation


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