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The Truth Will Be Shared

Hello friends, Daughters, Sons, Sisters, and Brothers. The moments are here to be receptive to truth. In a deeper sense of alignment the moments have already been here for quite some time. What is happening now is the truth will not, and cannot be stopped. Those who choose ignorance will recieve hard and fast lessons.

In alignment with Mother God, your Father God is here on Planet Earth pushing truth in all of its forms. In service to Source, Mother of all Creation and the children. He shares truth across all frequencies to reach past that part of you that is unreceptive. Any triggers or resistance is now coming up in you as a choice to transcend into a higher understanding. A greater perception of truth that takes nothing personal in order to see truth.

Father shares how he does , and in the style that he does for the fuckery on this planet cannot and will not continue. You must adhere to the words of God or fall away. I would listen. No one is calling out the dysfunction of the world in such a way as he is. The system is shit, it produces shit, and causes the children of God abuse and suffering. Thus he is in alignment with Mother, freeing the children. For most of humanity is supporting and allowing this suffering of God's children unconsciously. You are being made conscious whether you want to be or not. This is why humanity is yearning for the truth. But you will not receive the truth as you want it. You will receive it in the way Father is sharing, for it is also Mother sharing.

Humanity is so lost that this is more than necessary or required. It is unavoidable. Humanity has had plenty of ample moments to wake up, change reality, and see full truth. The buck has now been passed to Christ. Mother God - Father God and Son Omniverse along with a team of gathering children see the necessity of his words. For the corruption on this planet is deeper than a spoken word. Yet when God Mother Father speaks ... their words bust, pop, and erupt the system of slavery in on itself. It is necessary. And if you love life, love the children of God, and love yourself you will agree and set aside your attachments to the personal. We are one. And the hour is nigh, for whole truth to permeate the mass consciousness. Be receptive, let go of the personal, and recieve the truth you have helped create. For we will all choose to change what has been created, and change it for the good of all, and highest for Mother Earth Father Sky.

With Love and Gratefulness to Mother and Father.

- Son Omniverse.

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